Audio Playback Problems on Some Fire Devices

We recently became aware of an issue that is occurring on some Amazon Fire devices. During playback, the voice audio does not play. The issue appears to only affect Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 devices and Amazon Fire phones with the Android KitKat operating system. Other devices are not affected.

Since this is caused by a bug in Amazon's version of the Android operating system, it is not possible for us to fix it. We have disabled support for affected devices, so it is no longer possible to install our apps on those devices. If you paid for one of our apps on an affected device in the past, you can request a refund from Amazon via their support site:

Amazon's official policy is that they don't offer returns on apps, but we've heard they usually will if you state that the app is not compatible with your device.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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