The app triggers Siri unexpectedly

UPDATE: A feature introduced with iOS 9 allows you to train Siri to only recognize your voice. Click here for more information.

If Siri is triggered unexpectedly while using the app, it's because the following three conditions are true:
  1. The Allow "Hey Siri" feature is enabled for your device (in the Settings app > General > Siri)
  2. The device is plugged into a power source
  3. You aren't using headphones
When all three of those conditions are true, then Siri could misinterpret the voice audio in our app as saying "Hey Siri." Changing any one of the three conditions (i.e., disabling the Allow "Hey Siri" feature, unplugging your device, or using headphones) will prevent this behavior. Our apps do not invoke Siri subliminally, we promise. ;-)

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